Getting to know Vanessa Chromick, the face of our first campaign in Milano and one of the many great women who inspire us every day when creating our Signature Collection.


Vanessa, can you give us a brief introduction about yourself and your career?

Hi! I’m Vanessa, I’m German but I live in Milan, Italy. I have been a full-time model for about 12 years now.


What is one aspect of being a world class model that other people might not understand 

I feel very lucky, I love my job — but sometimes it’s very important to take a break! That’s why I’m also an illustrator of children’s books and creative packaging.

You travel a lot for your job. What are the staples you always have with you when traveling and why?

A cashmere stole! I never know how warm the cloth I’ll be asked to wear are, so I always have a warm cape of stole with me — together with my headphones and some good music.


Could you please describe your idea of luxury in a few words?

For me the greatest luxury is being with your loved ones – exactly when you want and where you want.


As you interpreted the initial Linda Meyer-Hentschel Signature collection, how would you describe it to a friend? 

It’s something you could really wear everyday and everywhere, pieces which add a touch of grace to your wardrobe.


What size are you in those Linda Meyer-Hentschel items and how would you recommend someone chooses their perfect size range?

I’m 172m  and I usually wear a European size 36 (40 in Italy). During the LMH photoshoot I was wearing a size Small, which fitted perfectly. All pieces from the LMH Signature Collection are smooth and soft, with a comfortable fit that isn’t too loose.


What is your favourite place on Earth?

Le Train Bleu cafe in Paris. But also Koh Munnork, the only private island beach resort in Thailand – so remote it only has .a few hours of electricity per day. However, since I acquired a dog my absolute favourite place on Earth is at home with him.


What is the most inspiring thing you have recently heard, seen or read?

There’s a speech by Denzel Washington: “Small minds discuss other people, good minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas.”