Getting to know Claudia Grabowska, photographer and style blogger from Poland. Her motto is “Buy less, choose well and make it last”. With her clean and elegant aesthetic, she “shows fashion to the internet” giving her tips for creating and ideal, elevated capsule wardrobe.

  • Claudia, can you give a brief introduction to yourself?

My name is Claudia Grabowska. I am a style blogger, photographer and digital creator from Cracow, Poland. Society calls me an influencer but I am too modest to think I have influence on people. My grandma says I ‘show fashion on the Internet’ – it may sound a little primitive but I have to say I like the concept!


  • What’s the one thing you always want to feel “dressed”?

Two things: comfortable and simple. I don’t wear outlandish outfits. I am into high quality materials and slow fashion pieces and I choose wisely expensive clothes and accessories. I’ve grown up from fashion trends.

  • What are your wardrobe staples recommendations and why?

Shirt and blazer. We underestimate the power of these garments. People put the ‘office’ label to these – I hate stereotypes. I like how a good shirt goes well with jeans or loose linen trousers and even a pair of sneakers. Same with a blazer – you can wear your favorite white t-shirt and skinny jeans and with the blazer on – it’s fashion! Girly-looking dresses? Put a blazer on – magic happens.


  • Could you please describe your idea of luxury in a few words?

Slow fashion wardrobe with high-quality materials. That’s my kind of luxury. Less problems; I don’t need to think about buying a new coat or jumper because of the new season, I always have something to wear. Having a less coloured wardrobe is also very comfortable. I can blindly pick 3-4 items which work together well.


  • How would you describe Linda Meyer-Hentschel to a friend? 

It actually happened! I was wearing Four Seasons Cashmere Set for a friend’s house-event. I mixed it with heeled boots and an oversized coat. My friends noticed I was wearing a comfortable, elegant and yet fashionable outfit. It was easy to talk about various ways of styling the set and introduce the Linda Meyer-Hentschel brand. This is why I thought it could be nice to showcase 7 ways of styling your gorgeous cashmere pants!

  • What is your favourite place on earth?

I’d say New York. New Yorkers are focused on themselves. They don’t judge nor care about others but it’s a good feature! Those people aren’t afraid to wear what they actually want to. You can express yourself in unlimited ways. I’d love to instill that mentality to more people in the world. That is why I always repeat: if you want to wear a colorful chicken suit – do it! It makes YOU happy!


  • The most inspiring thing you have recently heard, seen or read?

I recently read ‘Numbers: Their Tales, Types, and Treasures’ by Posamentier and Thaller. It was such an inspiring read. What would life look like in a completely different universe? Imagine a huge ocean filled with intelligent protoplasmic clouds in which there is non a single static body. Could those creatures, even if they were extremely intelligent, define the concept of numbers and counting ? 1+1 would always be 1.
I am an engineer. I love quantum physics. I can imagine it sounds oddly but I am passionately curious about science and math. I don’t own many fashion/art books – I have more about science. Maybe that is why my favourite colour is white. It’s a mixture of all colours and reflect back all the visible wavelengths of light.


Photo by courtesy of Claudia Grabowska @cgrabowska