Gone are the days when luxury meant ‘occasional’.

Sophisticated women today are seeking everyday elegance, ultimate quality, and wearable luxury all rolled into one.
They seek a capsule wardrobe that can be mixed and matched, without the constraints of style fads or limited styling options.
They want clean colors, flattering silhouettes, and fabrics they look forward to wearing close to their skin.

Above everything, a sartorial collection such as this requires one key ingredient: luxurious raw materials.

What does a luxury capsule wardrobe look like?

When curating a luxury capsule wardrobe to be worn everyday, all year round, excellence is the benchmark. This encompasses ethically-sourced fabrics, utmost comfort, and durability for decades of regular wear.

Busy, style-focused women want that perfect t-shirt that never loses shape. Or, the beloved white tailored shirt that can go from work meeting to cocktails time and again. They want the cashmere sweater that keeps them warm season after season no matter the style pairing.

What is the common factor? Fabric choice first and foremost, followed by expert construction and contemporary design.

It’s not too much to ask, right? Well…

Where does lmh come into the picture?

When linda, the creator and designer of linda meyer-hentschel, was searching in new york for items of high-quality clothing, made with excellence and from the very best natural materials, she came up empty-handed. Everything was either far too expensive for sub-par quality, or had the quality factor but lacked the right style.

So, she decided to give rise to a luxury clothing brand with a simple mission: to fuse the best fabrics, expert italian-made construction, and timeless silhouettes with contemporary city appeal.