My vision is to create a new dawn in contemporary luxury, breaking the rules of ‘fast’ fashion in the premium market, creating unique pieces made with excellence that stay in fashion. I look towards a future where our favorite clothes can be worn seamlessly from season to season, from continent to continent, and throughout our changing lives, where beautifully designed pieces using the best fabrics become a part of our daily lives.

I design these clothes for both you and your little one with care and consideration for all the smaller, more refined details often missing from mass-produced garments today – for you to create a wardrobe of timeless, much-loved essentials made from the finest fabrics in the world.


It all began with my quest to find the perfect white t-shirt. It didn’t exist, so I decided to create it. As i began looking for more perfect items of clothing I realized two things: many of these pieces didn’t exist and many of my friends were looking for them too. Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response to my first creations, my LMH essentials collection was born.

My dream was then to create a place where everyone who shares my vision and values can find a unique collection of ultimate luxury essentials for their wardrobe. And since it takes time to handcraft each item from the best fabrics in the world, I set up priority reservation and purchasing for a select few with my ‘front row’ service.


Who doesn’t love a perfectly curated wardrobe of infinitely wearable and perfectly cut go-to items, when they’re traveling around the world? As a frequent traveler, I always like to have such essential items always to hand. They must be stylish, timeless, and at the same time luxuriously comfortable – as well as being easy to layer and pack.

I spent a long time in New York looking for items that would meet all these specific requirements, all year round. Being a mother of two small boys, i was also searching for ways to dress them just as well. Having been inspired to create my own range for adults, i also decided to create a mini me collection so our little ones could start life in the same style.


The origins of the LMH brand began when I started to researching where to find the world’s most luxurious raw materials and sensuous fabrics. As soon as I discovered the wonderfully pure and stunningly rare sea island cotton, widely considered to be ‘the cashmere of cotton’, I knew instantly this was the right path to take.

Next, i was determined to find the very best artisans in the world to work with these famously rare fabrics. But where to find them? There was only one answer: Italy. So, together with my family, I traveled across that country to find and meet with these legendary craftspeople who work with extremely limited orders to give them time to attain the very highest quality with total perfection down to the last detail.


Everything LMH creates draws inspiration from my family life: me, my husband Arthur, and my two little boys. Soon after being born in Europe, our first son quickly found himself in a chilly New York winter – and so, together with Italian artisans, we developed a windproof cashmere blanket to keep him wrapped snugly in that super soft fabric and shielded from the cold air. After the birth of our second son, in June, we realized this blanket was also the perfect nest in summer too, protecting him from the ocean breeze during holidays on the island of Sylt.

Both of our boys became a core part of our inspiration and sense of purpose. They’ve accompanied us to every meeting, helping to select fabrics and giving encouraging smiles whenever needed.


I believe you deserve the best the world has to offer. This is achieved at every stage of each creation by selecting the best materials in the world, and designing everyday luxury prêt-à-porter items combining timeless elegance with contemporary imagination. Everything LMH does exudes excellence in quality and care in craft – a true expression of ‘made in Italy’.

LMH is also passionately committed to care and respect for our partners, our costumers, and our planet – values which are expressed and enshrined in the LMH manifesto.