Less is more in the lap of luxury.

When you focus on the world’s best fabrics, a perfect cut, and world-class craftsmanship, one garment can take the place of many. That one garment lends itself to multiple outfit combinations, for all seasons, and many occasions, and no matter how often you wear it the integrity of the fabric and silhouette remains intact.

This not only means you won’t need to replace your favorite piece soon, but also that you are supporting a buying practice which doesn’t contribute to the current eco crisis also known as ‘fast fashion’.

That’s why we strive to create our ‘hero’ garments with the utmost effort, from initial sketch to careful production and every last refinement.

Buy less, buy better: what next?

  • Contemporary no-season design:
    when luxury fashion houses constantly release new collections with new aesthetics, it’s tough to create and build on a core wardrobe. You find that a piece from one season is not cohesive with a piece from the next. Lmh believes in all-year garments that are sophisticated, contemporary, and clean cut without fitting to a particular thematic or aesthetic trend. Each piece holds fast to timeless elegance and ultimate quality, two qualities that never go out of style.
  • Expert craftsmanship for effortless beauty: luxury clothing takes expertise and passion.

The result?

Timeless garments that are durable while maintaining good look with ease.
Because less is more, but more luxurious is better.